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The easiest, fastest, and most complete Denial Of Service suite ever. Written by Alpha Centauri in Cocoa for OS X optimization.

A tunnel program allowing your computer's outgoing connections to run through an unsuspecting victim's computer, making you appear to any server as the victim. Very useful when you want to come in to a server without revealing your real IP.

A User-Friendly version of the SYN Flood DoS Attack, which causes a target machine to stop accepting incoming connection requests.

Uses the common "Smurf" vulnerability to amplify ICMP packet broadcasts and "invisibly" redirect them towards a target host. Essentially, amplifying your maximum outward bandwidth during a standard flood attempt. Very effective Denial Of Service attack.

A Distributed Denial Of Service attack where many computers can all connect together to form one super-attack on a target using all the combined bandwidth.

The ultimate attack arsenal in one program. Address/Port information system, Mail bomber, Denial Of Service attacks, IRC flooder, FTP Brute Forcing, and simple Port Protection system, all in one program.