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Cyanide Project
Current version: 1.8
Next version release on: ?
Development stage: Alpha
Supported platforms: MacOS X
Currently working on this project:
- Fire (e-mail)

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Cyanide is the ultimate, all-around hacking utility. It has lots and lots of built in tools that allow you to find information on a victim, then attack him several different ways, and still keep yourself protected from unwanted incoming connections.

• Find Info:
The "Find Info" section contains a suite of scan tools used to get info on a network or another computer. Included are a simple, single-address port scanner, multi-address port scanner, IP lookup, Ping, Traceroute, and Whois.

• Attack:
The "Attack" area includes a handfull of attack utilities including a Port Flooder, Mass-connect tool, and an IRC Flooder

• Mailbomb:
In a catagory of its own, the Mailbomber will anonymously send a series of "prank" e-mail messages to one victim. Cyanide features both random subject and return addresses to help you be anonymous, and a very reliable SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) support so that all of your hundreds of "prank" messages get through :)

• Protection:
Let's say you are surfing the net and you have Cyanide's protection feature running. If some punk were to try to attack you, Cyanide would pick it up, stop the attacker, and log his IP address. What you do with it afterwards is up to you...

• Brute Force:
Really want access to that FTP server? Don't know the password? Have no fear! Cyanides Brute Forcer will guess over 600 passwords a minute. Included is a 50,000+ word dictionary of common passphrases that almost guarentees access. Best of all, Cyanide will guess passwords all day if it has to, implimenting up to 150 simultanious connections!