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Underhand Project
Current version: 1.1 (v.23)
Latest Release Date: April 9, 2004
Development stage: Final
Supported platforms: MacOS X
Currently working on this project:
- Fire (e-mail)

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Completely re-programmed from scratch, now supports unlimited connections, and is very slick, reliable, and fast.

Underhand acts as a "tunnel" for a connection. Instead of just letting A connect to C, underhand lets A connect to B, then B can forward the connection to C. Therefore, C never talks directly to A, C never gets A's information, and if B is C, then A has just made a conenction to C as localhost which means you can do just about whatever you want as A to C. All this really does is mimic a proxy server, except the program you are using doesn't need to have support for proxies and it is much faster with underhand.

Note, Underhand 1.1 comes complete with the Client, the Server and the Trojan Server.